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Weardale Ski Club News

Winter Has Arrived..................
As soon as we have skiable conditions on the fell the tows will run.
Please keep checking the usual places for ski club opening information.........
Answerphone  01388 317767,  Text Updates & Weather      WebCam  & Facebook Page

Wednesday 9th March
We are planning to run the tows tomorrow . Please check Answerphone  01388 317767 and Text Update before setting off. Non Members are welcome Mon-Fri. Click here for info. The approach road as ever can be tricky so make sure you have Chains &/or 4x4 and always come prepared with a shovel. If you do not think your car will not make it pull off the road and park sensibly. Making sure you are not obstructing the road ...Then...stick your thumb out and hitch a ride up the hill.

Monday March 7th...Better late than never. The snows have arrived with beautiful weather and Auroa to boot ! Due to lack of snow at the bottom of F1 and poor forcast we will not be operating tows Tues 8th March...Keep checking the usual places Answerphone  01388 317767 and Text Update for further opening.  Non Members are welcome Mon-Fri. Click here for info.
7th March

Eyes  peeled for snow this weekend 5th-6th March. We are slowly sorting our WebCam problems so may have visuals of the slopes over the weekend. How-ever, please check the
Answerphone  01388 317767 and Text Updates for Tow Opening & Ski Information.
you set off please make sure you are well prepared for the last bit of the drive up to the fell. Snow Shovel,Snow Chains &/or 4x4 ..All Essential Items
Day Members Welcome Mon-Fri (exclu Bank Hols. Please download day membership form .
Live Weather Data From The Slopes
Lucky December 13th !
100-120 skiers enjoyed some great skiing & boarding today....The Early Birds certainly scored with blue skies and powder snow...Obviously we can't have to much of a good thing !! and low cloud moved in and our lovely fresh powder soon disappeared.....But it takes more than that to dampen the spirts of WSC skiers. Just great to get out on the hill and get those thighs burning so early in the season.....
Let the good times roll

Groomed to perfection                Lucky Terry

Tremendous work is being carried out on the fell this summer. Priority being the transporting of materials and construction of new Snow Fencing. The importance of this work cannot be underestimated and will be key in retaining the 'White Stuff' in the correct places when the snows arrive. SO, please if you can put a work party date in your diary and come and 'Get Dirty'...You,We are WSC.....Thank you
 We may also include a midweek day or two around those weekends we will send reminder emails out a few days before each

days of skiing so far this season...Can we make it 30 ?

First Ski of the season
Sat 13th Dec 2014We had a great day today, especially the morning with beautiful weather and crisp fresh snow which although a bit thin in places was perfectly skiable. We had about 60 members today, several of them new members, and nearly everyone managed the road which was a bit tricky with sheet ice over large sections. Can I remind people to put chains on either at the bottom in the lay-by just before you turn up the road or at the top of the first long incline where you can pull in off the road and put the chains on. A couple of people blocked the road to put chains on today and once cars behind get stopped it can be tricky to get going again so please try and think of other road users.

Annual Membership is now FULL....Go to membership page for further details.

There has been some talk of using the ski tows for downhill mountain biking on our Facebook site as occurs in some other ski resorts. This proposal was brought to a board meeting some time ago and was dismissed by the board. We are a ski club only interested in snow sports and our lease specifically states that we can only use the area for snow sports. Our landlords have a vested interest in Swinhope moor as a working fell and other agencies including Natural England are involved in the conservation side and any talk of using the fell for other uses is potentially putting our lease at risk so can I please end all speculation by making a statement that no other activities will be permitted on Swinhope moor.

Breaking News.......

Next Work Party Dates
Sunday 21st & Sunday 28th September. PLEASE attend if you can.
They all start at 10am meeting at the car park. All materials and equipment will be provided so just bring packed lunch, old clothes and sturdy shoes/boots.

Work Party Dates TBA....But just to wet your appitite....

No date has yet been set for the next work party but, just to wet your appetites, here are a few jobs that have to be done.


 1) New belts to be fitted to F2 – one has snapped and the remaining two have deep cracks.

 2) Fuel pick up pipes need to be fixed near to the bottom of the new fuel tanks.

3) F1 oil check - fuel filter change - rev level was fluctuating wildly which could be fuel starvation due to blocked filter.

4) F2 oil change – oil is very thin due to diesel contamination.

5) Hangers to be serviced and replaced.

6) Grass cutting


All the above are of high importance and must be completed before the coming season.


Other jobs.


1)     Fit new track to snow blower ­– missing track tensioner nut must be replaced first. Take care when levering on as any nick on the edge of the track will cause it to rip apart (this was the cause of the last failure!)

2)     Fit new battery to generator

3)     Fit new alternator to KB25.

4)     F2 belt guard to de-rust and paint

5)     F1 Pylon 5 (and possibly more) has lots of exposed rust which needs scraping and painting.

6)     F2 stop board needs repairing (spare boards in lodge workshop)

7)     All bull wheels to be checked for rust and re-painted where necessary.

8)     Some bridge repairs are required.

9)     Scrap fencing to be collected and brought down to roadside.

10)  Clubhouse windows – replace (in hand).

11)  Plantation trees require some TLC.

12)  Fencing & ditching

13)  Fit strap hinges to Eric’s hut door.


Please keep your eyes peeled for a builder’s, or other suitable, trailer for the Bowser.


I hope you are all enjoying the lovely summer so far and you are probably not giving much thought to skiing but we do need to get a lot of maintenance and repair work done before the winter. We are holding our 2nd weekend of work parties on Saturday + Sunday 26/27th July and need as many helpers as possible. All work parties start at 10am meeting at the car park. Our last work party in June was very poorly attended (partly due to me accidentally only sending out the message to half of you!) but even then 2 out of 400 members is a poor return.
This work party is going to be mainly manual work including some ditching, fencing (new and repairs) and replacement of the 2 fuel tanks so no skills needed though there may be one or two more technical jobs also.
Finally Geoff Green ( has 3 or 4 pairs of skis and 3 or 4 pairs of boots that he no longer wants (at least he did in March when he emailed me) - free to  good home. Skis are 180 and 190 Atomic carve skis about 10 years old with bindings. He lives in Tynemouth so if anyone is interested please contact him directly.
Please can you let me know if you plan to attend either or both work parties so that we can have some indication of numbers.

your eyes peeled for work party dates  to get the Fell all Ship Shape for the Bumper Season to come........

not sure who..But someone sold there soul to the devil..And I say Thankyou..Because our SlopeStyle party on Sunday 17th Feb was a Cracker.
The Snow was Sweet, The Sun Shone, The Music Played, The Vin was Chaud and Sausages Sizzled what more could you ask for. A big thankyou to all of those that made it happen, all your efforts were really appreciated by the 150+ skiers, boarders, kiters that made it to the fell.
And if you were one of the few who could not make it not fear we are celebrating in style @ Ramside Hall Durham on March quick tickets going fast...really ! Details above.
How do we all look so young ?.....Its Our 50th Birthday this year .We are planning a 'Slope Party' More of that to come. How-ever we have also arranged a more formal evening to celebrate 50 years of this amazing club....Please come, it will be a great night and you know if you don't do it'll be 50 years older for the next time ! 
Keep checking Snow Reports for up to the minute news on Opening Times, Fell Conditions and Tow Running . Of course there is always the answerphone 01388 317767

Check out  Weardale News     The Nations Favorite Read.

New Web Cam & Snow Report Service

Take a look at our new Up To The Minute Web Cams, After much hard work during the summer the Team have positioned two new Web Cams on the fell. These are  accessed by bespoke software to give  'Real Time' view of the snow conditions.
We also have a  new Text Update  service.  This will give snow reports live from our Tow Operators of the day on the Fell. Giving accurate current snow and tow information.

This year our AGM is being held on Monday 11th  November at 7:30pm at the Honest Lawyer in Durham. You are all welcome. We are keen to have another slide show/talk etc like last year which proved very popular so if anyone has any ideas or has a presentation they are prepared to give that is relevant then please let me know.

New Memberships

New Annual Membership is now FULL

Day members are still very welcome Mon-Fri. We ask that you go to our membership page. PRE fill the Day Membership form and have the right money available on the slopes...Makes our life alot easier. Go to the membership page for further details 

Work Parties 

For those of you who had the mis-fortune of not being able to attend last weeks work party. Do not fret. We have another this Sunday 29th Sept. If you can spare a few hours please try and attend as many hands make light work or so they say. Meet at the car park at 10am.

Snow Alert Email

Anyone wanting to join the Weardale Ski Club Snow Alert e-mail service. Please drop us a e-mail to

The New Season Is Nigh 2013-14

Membership renewals open again on September 1st and like in recent years we are allowing existing members a month to renew and will guarantee them places up until the 1st October when it becomes a free for all and we open to non members on a first come first served basis.

We offer a discount to all current members if they renew within September but after 1st October this is withdrawn and anyone joining then has to pay the same as new members.

As all membership is now through Sportident there will be no exceptions to this so please ensure that you renew before 1st October - there is a direct link from the website which will open on 1st September. Please note that there will be a delay this year of 2-3 weeks sending out membership cards for those eager ones who join early, due to other commitments.

Can I take this opportunity to welcome our new sponsors Sally & Den at The Chaos (Darlington) who have kindly provided the cards and are also planning to offer some promotional events to WSC members with significant discounts. They also offer an excellent and very cheap ski and board servicing deal (More details about the Chaos at later date). Thanks to all those others who expressed an interest in sponsoring us.

we have 2 planned on the last 2 Sundays in September (22 + 29th) both starting at 10am. We have a huge amount of work to be done before we can open and need as much support and help from you as possible. The jobs involve semi-skilled work on the engines, nmachinery etc and non skilled work on ditches, fence repairs, painting etc

August 2013......

Just because its not snowing doesn't mean that work is not going on behind the scenes

Big Web Cam Updates are underway. We plan to have Live web Cam Pics on the web site front page. Not that easy when your dealing with Electrical / Broadband fiddly bits in the middle of a wind swept moor with no direct power source...Watch This Space!

Also... PLEASE attend the work parties if you can. Remember the club is Run my its members for it's Members.... Dates will be sent out by e-mail. If you are not on our mailing list drop a line to

End of Season Knees Up.........

Finally there is an "end of season bash" being organised at the Black Bull pub in Frosterley onSaturday 18 May to which all are invited. This is informal but Will, one of the snowboarders who runs the pub, will be firing up the wood burning pizza oven and there will be special treats for all who attend. Details on Facebook but if you do not have access to this I will send out a reminder nearer the time. Some idea of numbers would be useful so could you either let me or Will know if you intend to come.

Friday April 12th 2013

Could this be the end of the season? Unfortunately we have no available tow operators for tomorrow (Friday) but there remains the possibility of one last ski on Saturday before warmer wetter weather arrives on Sunday. Will update this message and the answerphone tomorrow night.

Thursday 11th April 2013 and Beyond!

Due to a shortage of Tow Operators we will not be opening on Thursday but may possibly do so on Friday and the weekend if the conditions are suitable. Found - A grey Jig Saw beanie has been found on the slopes - I currently have it if the owner wants to contact me.

Skiing for week commencing 8th April 2013

Hopefully we will get some skiing in this week but are not planning to open tomorrow (Monday). There is a possibility of skiing Tuesday or Wednesday and suggest you keep listening to the answerphone for updates

Skiing This Weekend... 6th-7th April 2013

Weekends are reserved for members only - we do not allow any day members so please do not travel up only to be disappointed. If you want to ski weekends next season you will need to join. Membership opens for current members on 1st September and for new members on 1st October. I anticipate membership filling up pretty quickly next season so do not procrastinate!

We Need A Rest !!!!

So we are ready for the weekend ...SO. The tows will not be running tomorrow Friday 5th April.... BUT, we are all ready to go for Saturday (Members only I'm afraid). Opening times will be posted on the Answerphone, Facebook or the Website on Friday evening.

Wednesday 3rd April 2013

Another cracking forecast. Cold Air & Blue Sky.....To make the most of the longer days, Give folk a chance to ski after work AND give all our volunteer operators a wee lie in ..We are planning to open Wednesday @1pm and close @7pm (subject to Conditions & Man Power) So...Let the Good Times Roll...

Update for Tuesday 2nd April 2013

We are planning to open on Tuesday from 11am (having a well deserved lie-in) and are also opening on Wednesday. We will accept day members on weekdays.To celebrate the start of BST we are considering opening later on Wednesday, perhaps at 1pm and staying open until 7pm but I will update this message tomorrow night - possibly a chance for you to come home from work and catch an hour or two on the slopes?

I have had loads of feedback from members and guests who have enjoyed spectacular skiing and boarding and 99% has been positive. I have had one complaint that one of the runs was not pisted and the toilets were messy (ladies not gents!). Can I take this opportunity to thank all those who have commented, to thank those who have helped out when not asked to (shovelling snow onto any bare patches, helping organise the lift queues etc) and to to remind everyone that the club is run by a very small band of volunteers, all who have fulltime day jobs, work their socks off in the summer and during the winter season. Rather than complain about a bit of mess why not volunteer to help tidy it up, after all we quite like to get some skiing in as well! Work parties will be advertised in the summer for anyone who wants to put a little back into this great club!

Found - a multitool was found on the slopes at the weekend - if anyone has lost one then contact me.

Lost mobile - one of the committee lost his mobile in the car park and someone kindly picked it up and put it on his rear window - he would like to pass his thanks on to whoever did this.

News for Easter Monday April 1st 2013

We are planning to open tomorrow (Easter Monday) and will open at 10am. We will accept day members and as usual please print off the form from the websites membership page and complete it before you set off. The road is tarmac all the way (except for a few BIG potholes!) but parking may be tight so you may have to dig in further down the road so please ensure you bring a shovel and if needed dig in well off the road (after first checking for ditches).

Lost rucksac - there was an orange ultra22 sac left in the lodge. I have left it hanging up but if the owner wants it bringing down please let me know.

Orange tow rope - David Richardson left one near the stile - if anyone has found it please let me know.

James Cummings has posted some photos on Flickr from Friday if you want to have a look - Lets hope this Jet Stream stays in the south for a few more weeks and who knows could be skiing in May?

Saturday 30th March 2013

Firstly Members Only Sat & Sunday I'm afraid.. There May still be a couple of Full Membership places now.. Be Quick

Parking was at a premium today due to so many people being there but all seemed to go well and everyone dug in well off the road extending half a mile or more down the hill and before the bridge! One word of warning when digging in off the road - check the ground you are driving onto before driving onto it! It may sound silly but the ditches are all filled with snow and it is hard to tell what is solid ground and what is ditch as one Discovery driver "discovered" - fortunately he had been helped out by the time I got back down

We are planning to open tomorrow from 10am but please remember that weekends are for members only so we will not be accepting any day members on either Saturday or Sunday.Please remember to bring your passes and try and have them visible. We will run a series of checks through the day so I apologise if you are stopped several times to show your pass. Finally, collecting day fees was chaotic as usual. I took a full membership from one person - please can you contact me with your details to save me trawling through all the paperwork? We will not be taking any memberships on the slopes this weekend - all memberships must be done on line via the website.

On a separate note one of or members, Paul, has left his skis by the stile. If anyone has picked them up or moved them please will you let me know. I also have a pair of white earphones that were left outside the lodge on the picnic table.

Thursday 28th March 2013

We are planning to open tomorrow (Thursday) from 10am and are also hoping to open Friday to Monday if the weather stays as it. We will accept day members on Thursday, Friday and Monday but Saturday and Sunday will be members only. Day members please print off the day membership form from the website and hand it to a Tow Operator before skiing - they will be pretty obvious with day glow orange jackets on saying Tow Operator!

Tomorrow we also have Channel 4 coming up to do some filming so if you see a camera pointing at you remember to smile!

Update for Wednesday 27th March 2013

We are still not sure whether we can open tomorrow. The wind is forecast to drop a bit but there are further snow flurries forecast. The road is our problem. It has been ploughed leaving a very narrow route up which potentially will blow in if there is much wind or snow. There are drifts 6-7 foot deep which have been ploughed through but no turning points or passing places so if you meet another car it is a very long way to reverse. Someone is planning to go up in the morning and assess the road and will update the answerphone as soon as we know but it won't be before 10am. If we do open it will only be accessible to 4WD or 2WD with chains and you will need plenty of shovels to dig in as the parking is likely to be very restricted. Please do not try and to get up the road until the answerphone has been updated as one stuck car could be stuck for a very long time!

The cold weather is due to last all over Easter so we are definitely hoping to open Friday and over the weekend if possible and this will give us more time to clear the route up.

Update for Tuesday 26th March 2013

The winds have persisted and there are still concerns about the road blocking so we are not planning to open on Tuesday but will reconsider as the week progresses and update as soon as conditions become favourable.

Update for Tuesday 26th March 2013

The winds have persisted and there are still concerns about the road blocking so we are not planning to open on Tuesday but will reconsider as the week progresses and update as soon as conditions become favourable.

Sunday 24th March 2013

The good news is that we have stacks of beautiful fresh powder snow and it is set to last for some time. The bad news is that the road has completely filled in and the snow plough only managed to get about 100m past Glenwhelt Farm and couldn't get any further due to the drifts of over 6 foot in places. I have spoken to the snowplough driver and they will try again once the winds drop but it will need to be dug out and if the wind persists it is pointless as it will just fill in again. We are therefore not planning to open on Sunday or Monday but hopefully by Tuesday + Wednesdaywhen the wind is predicted to start easing we may open. If things change in the meantime we will update the answerphone and this email. We may try and walk in tomorrow to get some pisting done as there must be huge drifts behind some of the snow fencing….. Frustrating I know but out of our hands. Yad Moss are hoping to open tomorrow from 10:30 if the roads are open. Currently however I believe all the roads from Weardale to Teesdale are closed so you will have to go the long way round.

When we do finally open can I send a message out to all snowboarders about the tows. Being a snowboarder myself (currently reformed and back on skis) I appreciate that our tows are difficult to master on a board but it is very important to try and keep to the tow line and not veer out too far to the side. There is a real risk of pulling the rope of the runners, especially if there are several boarders in quick succession, so please try and stay as close to the tow line as possible. We will do our best to flatten the towline to make it easier. If the rope does come off it is a big inconvenience at best but at worst is potentially dangerous.

Friday 22nd March 2013

Due to adverse weather forcasts and high winds due to go into Saturday the tows are NOT planning to open today Friday 22nd March. Keep checking the Answerphone for up to the minute opening information

Thursday 21st March 2013

Skiing will be ON today. Club opening @10am. Please ensure you have a snow shovel & Chains /4x4 if driving up to the Top Car Park Day Members are welcome today but please bring with you your completed Day Membership Form and correct Payment....... Looks Like a GREAT day

Wednesday 20th March 2013

Looking at the current forecast we are NOT planning to open today.... Later in the week looking promising so keep checking the Answerphone for Up To The Minute Info 01388 317 767

KEENO OF THE DAY...... Richard Dobson who cycled up on his mountain bike with blades strapped on and boots hanging over the frame!.. Wiggo eat your heart out.... Now that's Dedication.!

Opening Update for Tuesday 19th March 2013

There are mixed reports for tomorrow so we intend to open but may close early (1pm'ish) if conditions are not favourable and aim to do a lot of pisting to prepare the slopes for Wednesday and Thursday when conditions are predicted to be better. In summary, turn up tomorrow if you wish but please do not turn up late as we may close early depending on conditions. Wednesday and Thursday do look better bets!

Wednesday 13th March 2013

Although good skiing today (Tues 12th) unfortunately the cover is now very thin and so we are not planning to open Wednesday 13th. We do understand that Yad Moss will be Open.. So make the most of your Weardale Membership Discount if you fancy a days skiing... Dont forget to take your membership Card

Monday 11th March for Tuesday 12th

There has been further fresh snow today and temperatures are already sub-zero in Stanhope so we areplanning to open the lifts tomorrow, Tuesday 12 March, from about 10am. We are not sure what conditions will be like although the webcam looks to have improved from the weekend when conditions were poor. There is a northerly wind forecast which is not usually pleasant for skiing at Swinhope and if conditions are not great we may close early so do not turn up late (ie get there before 12:00) as we may close early. Day members are welcome - usual rules apply. I will update this message tomorrow night to see whether we can ski Wednesday.

The road was quite snowy + icy on Sunday and with the wind blowing may be tricky in places so come prepared and ensure you put on your chains before starting if they are needed. 4wd / winter tyres should be ok.


Goes to the ANSELL family who drove up for the day from Essex! Well done guys, hope you had a good day.... The snow has been better!! But the sun did come out. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and had a safe journey home. Next time hopefully there will be even better conditions for you!, and stay a little longer.

Wednesday 13th Feb 2013

Well, looking at the forcast it's looking a wee bit WILD for today so with that forcast in mind we are not planning to open today or Thursday and unfortunately the weather is due to warm up a bit for the weekend...But, as ever if in doubt keep checking the Answerphone 01388 527527 and web site for updated information .

Update Sunday 10th Feb for Monday 11th of Feb 2013

There has been some fresh snow in Weardale today and more is forecast this evening so we areplanning to open up tomorrow (Monday 11 Feb) from 10am. I am not sure what conditions will be like but by all accounts the gullies were good fun on F2 on Friday and Saturday and they should be OK. Cover may be thin on F1 depending on how much snow we get tonight. We are open to day members tomorrow but please print off the day membership form from the website as usual and bring it along with the correct day fee and hand it in to a tow operator before skiing.

Keep Checking.....The Answerphone 01388 527 527, Web Cam and Web Site for Opening Information. Its Still Cold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 6th Feb 2013

It is currently looking very unlikely that we will ski tomorrow (Wednesday 6 Feb) but if you wake up and see snow when you open the curtains then try the answerphone after 8:30am for the latest information.

I have been informed tonight of the sad news of the death of a former WSC Chairman, Ramsay Dryden, who many of you will remember. Ramsay has been ill for a while and I am sure you will all join me in passing on our condolences to all his family. Ramsay was very involved with the club in the 1980's and 1990's and his brother Richard informs me that he still wears his bright Blue and Red ski suit!

Sunday 27th January 2013

Please check with Answerphone regarding opening...With the current weather forecast we do NOT anticipate opening today......Just Re-live The Memories of Yesterday What A Day! See the video here

Thursday 24th and for Friday 25th of January 2013

Due to the forecast for Friday we ARE NOT PLANNING TO OPEN FRIDAY.....But we are planning to open Saturday...Please check all the information points. Web Site, Answerphone, e-mail etc.. for opening days & times before you set off on your journey...For some of you have travelled FAR !!. I believe we had some visitors from Oxford today. We sincerely hope you had a good time . On that note...As part of our Grant Bid for our new Piste Basher (Is'nt SHE Beautiful !) we had to try and reflect on how our activities may benefit the local community, B&B's , Pubs etc.. So if you have a minute and you have travelled from far we would love to hear some feed back.. Everything Crossed for the weekend .

Wednesday 23rd January 2013

A Day in pictures Big Thanks to James Cummings Photography


IMPORTANT UPDATE - I have just been informed that the snow plough will be coming through late morning on Wednesday and will plough the top car park so PLEASE DO NOT PARK THERE until he has been and ploughed it. Please park in the lower car park and you will need to make sure you have left enough space for the snow plough to get through otherwise I am informed he will tow the offending car out! The plough will be travelling from Teesdale across to Weardale so has no option but to get through

Back to the slopes !! Mike has spent the day pisting the slopes and reports masses of snow on some runs. The M1 has 2 feet of compacted snow on now so no rocks showing through and the runs down F1 are said to be great especially the run immediately west of the F1 tow which had over 2 meters of snow on it!. Please take your cameras and if you get any good photos that you are happy for the Weardale Gazette to use then please can you send me a copy?A fell and road inspection has taken place today and Mike has also pisted the runs and reports great conditions. The road has been ploughed but I am told that the last mile or so is comprised of packed snow so chains or 4WD will be essential tomorrow. Although the road has been ploughed the car parking area has not been ploughed so you will need to take a shovel and dig in to park. Please park facing forwards as close to the fence as you can get at a 45 degree angle and ensure you do not block the road. We are planning to open tomorrow (Wednesday) from 10am. Day members are welcome but please print off the day membership form from the website and bring it along with the correct payment. Please find a tow operator (in bright dayglow jackets) and pay before skiing. There will be checks on tickets throughout the day so keep hold of your receipt. Members can make this process easier by displaying their membership cards - we have a supply of plastic arm bands to hold them if needed - just ask one of the tow operators if you want one.

Sharing cars tomorrow may be a good idea, especially if you don't have chains or don't know how to use them. Hitching from the bottom of the road is generally very easy and most skiers will offer you a lift if they have space. Another option is to use our facebook site for lift sharing (or twitter). Stuart Marlow from Whitley Bay is hoping to attend tomorrow and is keen to get a lift with someone (either from Whitley Bay or Daddry Shield) so if you can offer him a lif his email address is -

If you want to see what conditions are like take a look at todays webcam photo from F2 taken at 13:11. Unfortunately the other camera would not behave and take a picture.

Update For Week Commencing 21st January 2013

We have won the snow lottery. We have had heavy snow all day today in Weardale with about 12 inches in Stanhope. More snow is forecast tonight before drying up a bit. There have also been strong winds so there will be a lot of drifting snow and the access road is likely to be impassable for Tuesday 22nd so at this moment we are not planning to run tomorrow. If we can get acess to the slopes we may try and piste some of the snow for Wednseday when we are planning to open from 10am. However please check the answerphone before travelling as conditons can alter very quickly

Due to the drifting snow it is quite likely that you will have to dig in to park so please ensure that you have a good shovel at least in your boot and if possible try and share lifts. Keep checking the Answerphone for up to the minute opening info 01388 527527

Weekend 19th -20th January 2013

Despite missing the major snow fall an excellent weekend was had by all. Ski Report

Just a couple of reminders........The Road - the trip up to WSC is part of the adventure and the road has claimed many victims over the years. Today a Freelander got stuck in a ditch when he tried to pull over to allow someone to pass. Fortunately he was pulled out and Mark passes his thanks on to those who helped him.This is a not uncommon scenario and it is often the larger 4wd vehicles that pull over to allow another car past. The road is very narrow and has few passing points and the ditch is often hidden by snow so it is always sensible to reverse one of the cars until you find a gate or farm entrance where you are guaranteed solid ground. Even the local farmers wife, who knows the road as well as anyone, ended up with her quad bike in the ditch last year (with me on the back) much to her husbands amusement, purely because there was so much snow we could not see where the road was.

The parking - Sorry to harp on about this every year but the parking space is very limited, even though we extended the parking last year. There are a few rules to parking that you should have all received when you joined which should be followed by everyone please. Firstly park at an angle to the fence as close as possible to avoid blocking the road. DO NOT REVERSE in as this can cause chaos, especially if cars behind you have to stop and then can have great difficulty getting going again. Do not worry about getting stuck, we will not leave you there and there is always someone that will help you get out if you have problems. Secondly park close together to maximise the use of the limited space. Thirdly do not block the fell entrance gate as this is the emergency vehicles only way onto the fell, and for that matter do not block any other gates as the farmer needs access to them all. Finally please ensure you are prepared for the worst and have snow or winter tyres on as a minimum, snow chains can be bought for as little as £19 from Lidl I am told and always remember the shovel and a few old blankets. Unfortunately one person failed to park sensibly today and created a lot of hassle by blocking the road. This meant that several members could not get past and had to take long diversions and one car tried to squeeze past and ended up in a ditch and causing quite a bit of damage to his car. Attached is a photo of the offending car and there is a marker post showing the edge of the road. I am told there was plenty of space behind the car to reverse further. I don't know whose car it was but please try and be more thoughtful in future.

Finally - Reynolds outdoor have some good offers on for some ski equipment at very good prices - attached is a spreadsheet of skis and boots they have for sale - if interested please contact them directly.

Update Friday 18th January 2013 20.45hrs

Sadly the heavy snow seems to have missed us so far with only a light covering so far in Weardale but with the possibility of more later tonight. It may be enough to freshen up the runs and the ground is certainly hard enough but if the extra snow is very thin then it may well get worn quite quickly. We are planning to open tomorow, Saturday, at 10am so if you are intending to come up do not leave it too late as we may close early. Please remember that weekends are formembers only so please do not turn up and hope to be allowed to ski as a day members. We will be running regular checks on membership cards so if you can display your cards on the outside of your jacket that would make life a lot easier for the tow operators and stop you having to fumble around for them! Hopefully the road wont be too bad but always be prepared. It might be worth checking the webcam in the morning before travelling once it updates at about 8:30am.

Breaking News...Weardale Ski Club Hits the BIG Time !!

Hope you are all set for the heavy downfall of snow that the weathermen have been going on about for days - I do hope it is not another red herring like we have had so many times before. If it does arrive then conditions could be good for the weekend. To wet your appetites Sky TV dropped in on Wednesday and took some footage of WSC and interviewed a few of us - it can be watched on

Snow Report

We are how-ever not planning to open tomorrow Thursday 17th....Also please note that come the weekend it is MEMBERS ONLY. We hate to turn non members away but we also have a commitment to give quality skiing to our members without totally crowded pistes and huge lift ques.....It's not all about the money! BUT...There is a glimmer of hope for those non members out there. We still have around 50 membership places. They are on a first come first served basis so don't delay if you would like to JOIN.

Snow Report

We are how-ever not planning to open tomorrow Thursday 17th....Also please note that come the weekend it is MEMBERS ONLY. We hate to turn non members away but we also have a commitment to give quality skiing to our members without totally crowded pistes and huge lift ques.....It's not all about the money ! BUT...There is a glimmer of hope for those non members out there. We still have around 50 membership places. They are on a first come first served basis so don't delay if you would like to JOIN.

Update Thursday Evening 6th December 2013

For a report on todays skiing please take a look at our Snow Report Page

However....... One important point from today please NO DOGS ON THE FELL.

This is a very important part of our Lease Agreement. As we are sure you are aware apart from being A Premier English Ski Club. Weardale is also a working fell with stock out on the hill. It is therefore very important that NO Dogs are taken onto the hill.

We will accept day members tomorrow but as previously stated please print off the day membership form from the membership page of the website and complete it before travelling and bring along the correct money. Please do not ski until you have seen one of the tow operators (we stand out in bright orange jackets!).

On a positive note, heavy snow is forecast on Thursday night and all day Friday with dry weather over the weekend which is looking very promising indeed

Monday 14th January 2013 for Tueaday 15th and the week ahead

Happy New Year to everyone and hope you all had a lovely Christmas even though we had no snow. Fortunately we are back in favour with the snow gods and snow has fallen on + off all day today with more forecast tonight. We are planning to open tomorrow (Tuesday 15th January) from about 10 to 10:30am. We are uncertain what the skiing or road conditions are like so come prepared with snow shovel, snow tyres/chains etc and take care on the road. We will open to day members but please print off a day membership form from the website ( and complete it before travelling and please bring the correct money.

Snow and cold temperatures are forecast for the foreseeable time spreading into next week and beyond so we could be in for several days skiing and currently intend opening on Wednesday 16th January as well. As always the snow and conditions are variable and it is always worth checking the answerphone(01388 527527) before travelling and please always anticipate the worst and travel prepared. Happy skiing.

Update Thursday Evening 6th December 2013

There has been a fair bit of snow at Swinhope today and more is forecast overnight. Unfortunately it has been accompanied by strong winds which may have blown a lot off and strong winds are forecast tomorrow. At this time it looks unlikely that we will open for skiing tomorrow but we will review the situation tomorrow and hopefully we may get some skiing in this weekend. If the situation changes we will update the answer phone message. Yad Moss are in a similar situation but I gather Raise still has good coverage with excellent powder snow reported a day or two ago. However again gale force winds are predicted there tomorrow which is likely to hamper any chance of skiing. Looking better all the time.

Snow Alert !!! December 2nd 2012

Snow is forecast tonight and also Monday but the amount varies depending on which report you read. We currently have a thin covering but insufficient for skiing, however the ground is very cold and the temperature well below freezing so any snow that falls is likely to hang around. There is an outside possibility of skiing tomorrow or later in the week so keep an eye on the webcam and if it looks good check the answerphone (01388 527527). I will try and get emails out if we do open but sometimes it is a last minute decision and if I am at work then I won't get a message out until the evening.So far this season, to my knowledge, there has been no skiing at Yad Moss or Weardale but the Lake District ski club have had at least 4 or 5 days so far and even managed to get 3 days skiing in before the Scottish resorts had opened - hopefully we will follow soon. The long range forecasts are for very low temperatures for at least the next month or so which looks very promising.

Message from the membership secretary

All the membership cards have been posted out with the exception of those who have joined in the last few days. There have been one or two that seem to have gone astray in the post so if you have not received yours then please contact Alison

November 21st 2012 - Membership Reminder

Membership is still open to new members, how-ever with the first flurries of snow we expect remaining availability will very quickly disappear. Todays top tip..Get in early before they go Please see details on our membership page.

November 19th 2012 - Discounts

A quick reminder that this next weekend (24 + 25 November) both Nevisportand LD Mountain centre in Newcastle are offering WSC members discount off the RRP of anything in their shops on production of a valid WSC membership card. Nevisport are offering 20% discount and LD 15%. On top of this both shops offer a 10% discount all year round to WSC members. Both shops have supported us over the years so if you do make use of the offer please mention WSC and show your card - you could save more than it costs to join in the first place! Many other shops will offer discount if you produce the card and our membership secretary is liaising with North Face to offer us some discount - watch this space.

November 19th 2012 - WSC AMG

The WSC AGM was well attended last week with over 40 members watching and listening to a fascinating slide presentation by Stuart Gallagher on his trip to the Antarctic and also a short video by Kevin Moore on his recent skiing trip to the Arctic circle. Everyone seemed to like the new format so we hope to reproduce it at next years AGM - if any member is interested in giving a talk/slide show/film etc please contact me.

November 19th 2012 - Only 100 Places Left

Membership is nearly full - we have approximately 100 places left before we close. I suspect that will be as soon as we get the first decent snowfall.

November 19th 2012 - Snow Chains

Have you got your snow tyres on and chains ready yet? The Lake District ski club has already had 3 days skiing so far before any official skiing has taken place in Scotland. We nearly had enough to ski on but cover was deemed too thin. However if you believe the following Express article - forecasters are predicting the coldest winter for 100 years - they say that blizzards are expected in the North with temperatures down to -20 degrees and widespread disruption. The worst (or best depending on your view) weather is predicted in December and January but could start as early as this coming weekend -

November 19th 2012 - Chillfactore Worl Record

Finally for those snowboarders who fancy some early snow there is an attempt on a world record at the Chill Factor in Manchester next week (20 November). You have to be a competent snowboarder (able to do an ollie!) and details are in the link below -they are still after as many snowboarders as possible. If any of you do take part please email me with a report. All the relevant information is available here:

November 1st 2012 - Membership

Membership is now OPEN to new members. Please see details on our membership page.

October 29th 2012 ...Wise Words From Our Leader....

Winter has arrived and the fells of Weardale have already had a couple of light dustings of snow. Time perhaps to think about putting the winter tyres on and checking the snow chains still work? The slopes have been prepared for the season and everything is in order for when we get enough snow to get the skis out. More snow is forecast - my son's girlfriends sister has a friend in the Met Office which has forecast a significant dump of snow in the near future so there you have it!!

There are only 2 days left for existing members to rejoin without having to pay the late/joining fee and we are filling up fast with approximately 150 places left before we close membership. We will still allow day members through the week but weekends are reserved for members only. If you have procrastinated in rejoining now is the time, just follow the link to join online


A reminder that the WSC AGM is being held on Tuesday 13th November at 8pm in The Honest Lawyer, Croxdale, Durham DH1 3SP. All members are welcome to this and we have changed the format to make it more interesting. The AGM will be kept fairly brief and will be followed by an excellent slide show and talk by Stuart Gallagher on his recent trip to Antarctica, a slide show that has already received great acclaim.


Both Nevisport and LD Mountain Centre in Newcastle have agreed to offer members of WSC discount once again and we do really appreciate their support. They offer 10% discount all year round on production of a valid WSC membership card and on the weekend 24/25th November Nevisport will double this to 20% discount and LD to 15%. This can save a significant amount if you are planning to upgrade your equipment or clothing but to ensure they keep offering us this discount we must be seen to be using it so please go that weekend and wave your WSC card around.


You should all notice several improvements this season. Apart from repairing and maintaining all the equipment, snow fencing, cutting the grass etc we have installed a second webcam to give you a better idea of the snow conditions, have upgraded the website which I am sure you will find a great improvement, have fitted solar panels to try and keep all our batteries charged up and are in the process of installing a new composting toilet system in the lodge which has also had a "deep clean". Thanks to all those who have contributed hours of blood, sweat and occasionally tears to ensure this work has all been done.

08/10/2012 - 20% OFF Ride Bansko Apartments in Bulgaria

One of our members owns a couple of apartments in Bansko, Bulgaria. Each apartment sleeps up to 4 people and Weardale Ski Club members get 20% OFF. Visit for more info.

07/10/2012 - Membership

Membership is now OPEN to new members. Please see details on our membership page.

01/10/2012 - Weardale Ski Club AGM

Weardale Ski Club AGM... Tuesday 13 November at the Honest Lawyer, Croxdale, Durham

09/09/2012 - Work Party Update

We had a successful work party today with about 15 of us there and managed to get all the hangars put on in preparation for winter, got the bulk of the pistes mown and a few other small jobs done. The weather was superb and the ground finally has dried out a little. There is still a lot to be done and the work planned for the next work party includes 1, Bricklaying around the base of the new garage 2, Rush cutting 3, More grass cutting 4, Snow fence repairs 5, Repairing the Rolba track 6, Preparing the lodge for the new toilets. There are many other jobs also needed to be done so if you feel that you can help out with any of the above please come and join us.

09/09/2012 - Silksworth Ski Slope

Sunderland snow sports centre at Silksworth have currently got some promotions on. Check their Web Site. They also are doing a ski and board service for £10....grind,edge and wax

09/09/2012 - Skiing in Bulgaria

One of our members who wrote an article in our newsletter about skiing and boarding in Bulgaria has asked me to recommend this as a reasonably priced holiday and suggests looking at the link below. Could be an option for a cheapish main holiday or perhaps for that last minute second trip!

08/09/2012 - Work Parties

Work parties are planned for Sunday 9th September (Tomorrow), Sunday 23rd September and Wednesday 26th September and there is lots of work to be done (some semi-skilled and some simple manual work - fence repairs, drainage, stone-picking etc). Anyone with mechanical skills would be especially useful as there is work to be done repairing the tracked vehicle amongst other machinery. Carpentry skills will also be useful as we are preparing the lodge to install a new toilet system.

04/12/2011 - Ski & Snowboard Helmets

Helmets seem to be being used by more and more skiers and boarders and if you want to try a basic helmet that won't break the bank Decathlon are selling some for @ £20 - I cannot vouch for them and I believe Aldi also had some pretty cheap helmets in recently.

04/12/2011 - Ski & Snowboard Helmets

Helmets seem to be being used by more and more skiers and boarders and if you want to try a basic helmet that won't break the bank Decathlon are selling some for @ £20 - I cannot vouch for them and I believe Aldi also had some pretty cheap helmets in recently.

01/12/2011 - Weardale Membership Renewal

I am pleased to say that membership is now 4 short of closing so by the end of this week we will be full for the year. Thanks to all those who have joined, both new members and longstanding members who have supported us for years. Lets hope you get great value for you membership fee this year. 2 days skiing and it has paid for itself. Remember however that the snow doesn't generally last long when it arrives so make the most of it when it does and get your kit prepared in advance. I have to repeat the age old reminder about snow chains or snow tyres if conditions require them and the need to pack a shovel and dig in at an angle to the fence and not to block any gates, especially the one by the car parking. I know many of you will have heard the same message for years but for those newer members it is very important for all our safety and enjoyment.